PHPCounter VII


Analysing log file for the Epoch starting on 06 Jul 16.

Looking for 136 languages.

Found 1 langauge(s) giving 0 hits, which is 0.00% of the hits.

For 883 hits, no language was detected and it defaulted to English.

Language Number of Hits

The language detection method is not very accurate because there is not a standard way for the browsers to convey this information. The method used by PHPCounter tries its best to find this information. Still, it may 'find' a language code when there isn't one really. In short: the above results are a rough estimate at best.

Also, a certain proportion (most?) browsers do not report a language at all. In this case, the language defaults to English.

The list of language codes is taken from the ISO639 standard.

PHPCounter 7 Core Plugin Languages List - 12May04 Release
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