National Show Sandefjord - Norway 21.01.2007

Ozzy Shown in open class
Judge: Ing-Marie Hagelin - Sweden
"Well made male, good propotions, good eye colour, well placed ears,
masculin expression, normal angled, adequate bonesubstance,
in general excellent body, paralell movements in behind,
a little inwards in front movement. Good step and overline from flank.
1 AK, 2 AKK (excellent, 2 in open class)"

Front movement straight ahead

Front movement beginning turning to left

Winner open class

Open class females

Intermidiate class male Usher in front, 3. Lex (brother)

"Excellent formed and masculin head, complete body, good angled,
good legs and paws, a little soft in the back, normal tailset but
way to high carried tail. Paralell movements in behind, a little stiff in front,
excellent movements in behind, the high carried tail spoil the general impression
2 AUK - Very Good"

Apoletano`s Unsolved Mystery (Lex - brother of Usher)

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