Saturday 24. february 2007
South of Norway has had a lot of snow - hope they will reach Bø on Sunday.
We are going from home at 0600- hoping reach Bø at 0800 - hope
it will not snow to much toninght.

We where going twice to day with the dogs. First time in the morning - before
Helen, Linda and I were trying a new car. The Audi Quatrro has been so
expensive with repairs under the four last years and it has been trouble
to find new parts. Helen and Linda loved the car - four wheel drive - not a car
for the dogs - a Suzuki SX4. Kimmy had made waffels when we came home -
The dogs also liked the waffels. After coffey and waffels the dogs and i went for a
new trip - about 1600. The pictures were not to good.

Linda has fixed the coat on usher`s back - he is not that
high back as you see on other pictures. She was angry on me
showing pictures giving him a high back. His is a very very happy berner
but as you see his tail is quite normal -soon hopefully beatiful puppies.

Two lovely boys from kennel Apoletano