Puppies From Orsina`s Land - breeder Darja - Slovenia
Darja is a good friend in Slovenia and she is a very serious breeder. Her female progenitor is ICHJ - SLO CH - INTER, SLO, A, LUX, CRO Orsina Fliegeland.
I have been so lucky to get permission to show her last C-litter on my WEB. I could get one of this lovely puppies, but the family thought 3 were enough for the time beeing - sorry for me because I really liked the puppies ( a female if Usher is free of HD/AD - with lines you don`t find in Norway). A lovely mother - daughter of Orsina and a powerful father from one of the best breeders in France. Both with a great expression.

CH - BIH Arletta From Orsina's Land (SLO)

CH - F Tannhouser des Hautes Vernades (F)