International Shows i Brøndby
27.07.2006 - 30.07.2006

We arrived in Denmark 25.07.2006 about 15.00 in a wonderful warm sunny day.

The bridge from Sweden to Denmark.

We were living at a campingplace - in Køge - ca. 30 km from Brøndby

Helen, Ozzy and Usher in front of the "sauna" as Helen called it - very hot during the day.
Was not possible to leave the dogs into the camping hut.

The Danish Kennel Club did a fabulouse job in administrating the four show days. The berner sennen had
the same ring all four days and everything went smoothly - even on time. About 17000 dogs from
different breed were shown every day. The shops were gathered and had a large assortments of
"doggy" objects. Both Helen and Bjørg - the breeder of Ozzy/Usher - bought a lot of collars, goodies,
and other things. Bjørg and family camped in campingwagon together with Percy at the show place.
Helle was home - Lillan was expecting puppies during the week. There were several Norwegians at the Show,
and we were all sitting on the same side of the ring - "the Norwegian side" and we had all a great time together.
Breeders handling dogs for each other - rejoise at each other - just wonderful. I talked with some russians
and they thought the norwegian berner sennen was very good and that we were special in how we where

Thursday the judge was Jens Ramsing Denmark. Here from male-open class.

Bjørg og Ozzy runs for judge Ramsing - not the poorest run.

Ramsing evaluate Ozzy - he got a blue ribbon (2. prize because of his running)

Ole Einar Løken with his wonderful Sargas av Milckreek.

Here we have the norwegian side - rainy friday - Disney to percy and Helle
is relaxing in the tent.

Usher 1. prize and Res. CAC

Siva - 1. prize
(sister of Usher)

Silje and Siva

Champion class friday - females

Open class friday.

Class best female - Apoletano`s Issimiake and Bjørn 2. best with CAC and Res. CACIB

Ozzy got 1. prize

Liv Flathus with Gossine

Jens Ramsing is on the right place with their Senneta`s Benefit Called Ben - a
lovely male in Champion class. The ring secretary had to call
up the next in ring and she was not happy of handlers not to be ready for judging.

Lex - brother of Usher - was not shown said Bjørg.
May be he did it without his mother knowing

Lisbeth Ramsing with the lovely Champion female - Senetta`s Unknown Name Not Me

Champion Nucklehead av LeeArmand - Loke - with his friendly owner in Denmark
Loke was BOS, BIR and BIG

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