50 Years Anniversay Rasespesial at Geilo 2006

A moment of Memory - Rasespesial mai 1986 at Geilo - First arrangement in Norway
The handler of the dog judged at the picture - The Grand "old" Lady of Berner Sennen i Norway
Liv Flathus
50 years anniversary for berner sennen in Norway and 20 years anniversary for the Berner Spesial.

Geilo - 25. mai 2006 - still snow down to the lake

Geilo 28. mai 2006 - with Vestlia in the background - snow in the slalom hills.

The grand Show include almost 300 berner Sennen, and in Geilo you will meet
a lot more. Many Berner Sennen will accompany the families, so about 400
Berner Sennen will be seen during this lovely Whitsun holidays.

There will be competitors from not only Norway, but from several other European Countries.

A special welcome to the two judges from USA

Usher, Ozzy and Shika pass a warm reception to all families - 2 and 4 legged.