Home at Hosle

We are living in Dyrefaret at Hosle in Bærum. In our home are 3 of our 4 children living at home and of course our two berner children. Shika og Ozzy likes to play in the garden, but their borders are certanly not stopped by the fence.

At Øyeren - a lake one hours travel from home, Båstad Trøgstad -is very special for Shika. Her first home when we got her. We were just two days at Hosle, before we went for a summer vacation for six weeks. Helen and Terje split their vacation to be with the little "baby" we were very found of. Ozzy also seems to like this lovely place. The closest neighbour is an acre, where about 20 cows are grassing. When the cows are coming , he is barking, but Shika she just open her eyes. Ozzy loves to swim in the lake, but Shika is not so eager.


Our cabin at Hafjell (close to Lillehammer-Winter Olympics in 1994)

View againts north - Rondane(mountains)


View against north-west - Jotunheimen)mountains)


In the mountain everybody have a good time. Here are both Cheiba and Bastian laying, and our two earlier cats, Buster and Cæsar (father and son). Here come the mother of Buster with him, just one week old. Somebody had just left the mother in the mountains. She picked our family, knowing that we had two big berners, and we gave them a new happy home


Christmas and New Years eve are every year celebrated at our cabin at Hafjell. As you can see, the cristmas ligts are still hanging there.

Utsikt sør-vest - Valdresfjella i det fjerne